Perfect desert as a gift

July 4, 2018
1 min read

I love this little cake I made a while ago. I made it for a friend of mine just as a sign of appreciation. I had some macarons leftovers, so I used them to cover the lover edges. You can use cookies, candies or whatever is sitting in your drawer waiting to be eaten :). Try to experiment with different designs. Anything really goes, and that’s the fun part of cake decorating. I covered the whole top with buttercream flowers.

It looked so cute, and tasted even better. This is a fruit cake, and it’s my favorite one for the summer.

The recepie is the same as for the banana cake, but I added strawberries and raspberries to the mixture, and instead of soaking the cake with apple juice I used the strawberry juice. It’s amazing how the change as small as this can make a difference.

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