Tea party sweet table

July 4, 2018
2 min read

You are looking at my first sweet table, and it couldn’t be for a better occasion. That day, my friend called me and said that the ladies from her church are organizing a tea party, and asked me if I could make some sweets, and of course I said YES! I had 4 days to do that so I was a little bit nervous. Everything that you see, except the cake, I made for the first time in my life, including the cupcakes (don’t judge :)). I wish someone could have filmed me in those 4 days. I was working non- stop, running around the kitchen like crazy. Everything that CAN go wrong WENT wrong. Let’s just say that half of the things I made ended up in the garbage.

I even cried once. Eventually, somehow I finished everything and the day of the tea party had come :). I set up the table, called my sister to show her the end result and the first thing she said was “THAT’S IT?” All the stress and all that work for just one small cake, a couple of cupcakes, a couple of cookies and maca‐ roons… and she was right, the table was half empty:) but never mind, everybody loved it and I learned a lot from that experience. I’m much more relaxed now and I’ve thought myself, on the hard way, how to prepare 3 different sweets. By the way, the stars of the party were those little tea bag cookies. It took me 5 hours to make them, though… but never mind, it was worth it :).

The ladies at the party also loved the orange mirror glazed mousse cakes, which were made out of the

brownie base, white chocolate mousse, filled with Nutella-mascarpone filling. They only wished that I’d made more than just 4 of them. I remember one lady was so funny. We set to eat, and of course

we all started with the main course, but not her. She went straight to my sweet table and took the mousse cake. She wanted to make sure that she gets one for herself :).

Overall impression: great experience!

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