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August 4, 2018
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This cake is really special because it’s for the smartest, politest, most amazing birthday boy ever! 🙂 Well, “boy” on the outside: he may be turning 12, but he thinks and acts like a 20-year-old. He’s even more mature than some adults I know! 😀

Because this little guy is so special to me, I wanted to make him a cake that perfectly represents his personality. I think I nailed it with this one! 😀 He truly is a little king, and as everyone knows, every king needs a crown! 😀

My birthday boy is ah uge macaroon lover, so I incorporated macaroons into his cake. The design is very subtle, of course; I couldn’t make the cake look too childish because, NO, he’s not a child.

First I’m going to show you how the cake first came out, when I painted it with gold luster dust mixed with alcohol.

I know it came out sloppy, but believe it or not, I really did my best. Still, as much as I tried, I couldn’t do anything to fix it with only the tools I had. Fortunately, like a superhero swooping in to save my cake, my metallic edible paint arrived the next day! 😀 Seriously, it was like a miracle: the paint was actually supposed to arrive between July 26 and August 10, but it came a day early. Isn’t it great when the things you need arrive just in time?

Notice the huge improvement? It’s like night and day! 😀 I can’t wait to use this paint in my next projects! It’s already made my life so much easier! 😀
Want some of this metallic edible paint for yourself? Here’s the link:

And here’s the crown cake topper—you know, in case you wanted to meaxkaec tan copy of my beautiful cake: 😉

Now for the really fun part: the drips! 🙂 For this recipe, I used white chocolate ganache. Simply wait for it to dry completely and paint over it. So simple! 🙂 Here’s the recipe for the chocolate ganache:

• 1 1/2 cups white chocolate chips
• 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream

– In a small saucepan, heat the heavy whipping cream to boiling point.
– Remove from heat and add the chocolate. Wait for 4 minutes, then mix until all the chocolate is melted.
– Wait another 8 minutes, then drip the mixture on the cake.

And that’s it! Easy, right? Now you can go and make your own crown cake! 😀

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