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April 28, 2020
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With two rambunctious kids and an even more rambunctious husband at home, I decided to take a few months off. After all, everyone needs a break! I used my time off to recharge and visit my family in Europe, but after a week of sleeping and doing nothing, I started to miss my job. I needed to express myself through my art: baking. I couldn’t wait to get back to doing what I love!

I was booked to bake a cake for a wedding, and it was going to be spectacular! I was so excited! But then the unthinkable happened: the coronavirus hit and everything came to a stop.

We found ourselves facing a new and uncertain reality. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves or our business. The scariest part for me was not the pandemic, though; it was the fact that our daycare closed. All of a sudden, I was stuck at home with a toddler (talk about the “terrible twos”) and a teething baby! 😭

Heading into our new hectic lives, work was the last thing on my mind. All I could think about was how to survive the day without going crazy. The first couple of days were the toughest. I wanted to run back home to my mom and beg for help! We had to deal with tantrums and sleepless nights, and somebody was always unhappy: if one child was calm, the other one was going wild!

My husband and I ended up buying a playground as big as our entire living room and hallway. 🤣 We didn’t have any space left for ourselves, but at least the kids were occupied—and more importantly, calm! 😃 Perfect, now I could finally start thinking about work again! And on that note, I immediately shifted back into “business mode.”

Variety Sweets Box

I wanted to create something affordable, yet that still lived up to my high standards. I decided to please both chocolate and fruit lovers with a Variety Sweets box: chocolate cake, fruit cake, tarts, mousse cakes, and cupcakes. Everything a dessert connoisseur could dream of, a work of art straight from my heart!

What people loved most about this box (aside from how delicious it looked) was the fact that nothing in it was too sweet. Instead of buttercream, I used stabilized whipping cream, which was a game-changer. In my opinion, there’s nothing appealing about eating a ton of butter mixed with mountains of sugar. That’s why I tend to avoid buttercream: for example, instead of using chocolate buttercream as filling, I use cooked chocolate filling by cooking egg yolks over a steaming saucepan and adding milk chocolate and a little sugar. It makes a creamy and light filling, while buttercream is better for making flowers and covering cakes.

The Variety Sweets Pack contains:

  1. Vanilla chiffon cake with homemade strawberry jam and pastry filling
  2. Chocolate cake with cooked chocolate filling
  3. Mini mousse cake filled with cooked chocolate/Nutella filling on a crunchy crust made of egg whites and walnuts
  4. Fruit tart
  5. Chocolate tart
  6. One cupcake (vanilla or chocolate)

Thankfully, an online payment system and free contactless delivery made the transactions seamless!

Easter Sweets Box

Next was our Easter Sweets Box. I really gave this one my all! I actually dreamt this chocolate tart with a bird’s nest on top; that’s how obsessed I was about every detail. 😄 Thankfully, it all came together nicely!

The box was a huge success! Many people even reached out to tell me it was the biggest hit of the holiday! It made me so happy!

Birthday Sweets Box and Mother’s Day Flower Cupcakes

Our newest box offers  are the Birthday Sweets Pack and the Mother’s Day Flower Cupcakes.

The Birthday Sweets Box  includes an 8-inch mousse cake, three mini mousse cakes, and three round tarts (chocolate or strawberry). Pretty, fun, and delicious!

The Mother’s Day Cupcakes Box contains a dozen cupcakes (chocolate or vanilla) decorated with buttercream flowers. This one is the prettiest, in my opinion: it would be an adorable gift for Mother’s Day or any special occasion when you can’t decide whether to buy flowers or sweets for that special lady in your life. You can’t go wrong with this box! 😉

Honestly, the one thing I love most besides my family is seeing the smile on someone’s face when I bring them one of my desserts. Thank you so much for all the love, and thank you for allowing me to be part of all your special occasions! I’m sure you’ll love all these packs as much as I do. They’re sure to brighten your day! Enjoy!

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