Baby Shower Cakes and Sweet Tables in Port Orange

Baby showers are some of the most precious moments in every future parent’s life. You are anticipating your new, maybe even your first baby, you are probably announcing whether it’s a boy or a girl and you want everything to be perfect.

Baby shower dessert tables can be an infinite source of inspiration for the parents and dessert makers. You can make infinite combinations with the classic blue and pink color, you can shake it up completely and pick a totally different palette like green, orange and red based tones. There can even be a different theme if you are feeling especially playful. There are no limits to what kind of dessert you can serve, either. Anything goes – big several tier cakes, small modest cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, mousse cakes and cookies.

Baby Shower Cakes

According to the latest trends, cakes are just a part or a centerpiece of your baby shower dessert table. It can be in the spotlight or not, it all depends on your wishes. If you want your baby shower cake to be the center of attention we will make sure it is unique and unforgettable, by the decoration and the taste. Chocolate or fruit, one tier or five-tier, bar relief or plain white cakes – we can turn all your wishes into a reality.

All of our cake recipes are tried and tested through the generations and have been in our family for decades. We can adjust our desserts to be gluten-free, organic or vegan for you or some of your guests. They will get the enjoy the sweet taste of our homemade cakes without compromising on their eating habits or dietary restrictions.

You can even bring a cake as a present to someone’s baby shower as a nice surprise and a unique present made just for them.

Baby Shower Dessert Tables

Baby shower dessert tables are more common nowadays among our clients. They are more of an art piece than a dessert, so to say. Your baby shower sweet table is the main display of your party and it needs to attract attention and be abundant enough for everyone attending your celebration to grab at least one piece.

Themes are not so uncommon, but it’s usually the baby itself that inspires the entire display. Not only will we make the desserts and bring them to you, but we will decorate and set up your dessert table. Cakes, cupcakes, mousse cakes and macaroons – everything will match the theme perfectly.

The baby shower parties usually mean some of your guests are bringing their children with them. The smaller desserts are perfect for kids and easy to clean up later on, especially for a future mother who can get tired fairly easily.

Best Baby Shower Dessert Tables in Port Orange

If you are in Port Orange and you are planning your baby shower in the near future – take a look at our blog and our shop section to see what we have to offer. You can call us anytime and we can chat about your ideas for the party and make sure we do everything exactly as you imagined.

We have years of experience when it comes to organizing sweet tables for small and big parties and we would be happy to suggest the right amount of desserts depending on the size of your party and you can choose one of the dessert packages from our shop.

Our desserts will help you make one of the most memorable baby showers and hopefully you will be so amazed by their taste you will call us again when it’s time to celebrate the baby’s first birthday.