Strawberry Galette

I have a confession to make: strawberry galette dessert is my all-time favorite recipe EVER! Seriously, I once baked this every single day for almost two weeks!  It has all the elements of a perfect dessert: a light crust, a creamy filling, and refreshing fruit. Words cannot describe how delicious this dessert is, so you’ll just…

3 min read

Fruit Tarts

I can’t wait to incorporate these gorgeous fruit tarts into my future sweet tables! 😀 They already look great, but I promise they taste even better! Now I know what you’re thinking: there are tons of tart recipes online, so what makes this one different from all the others? Well, I honestly think you’ll love…

4 min read

Bas-Relief Cake

Funny story: I stumbled upon this cake recipe by accident. I’m scrolling down after watching a tutorial on YouTube about cake textures, and what should catch my eye but the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen! Naturally, my first thought was that it would be too complicated to make myself, but the complete opposite turned…

3 min read

Rustic cake

I had some cake leftovers, some flowers and macaroons from the previous order so instead of throwing everything away i decided to make a new cake and give it away to my dearest friend. I always wanted to try this technique with buttercream that gives the cake some kind of a rustick look, so i…

2 min read

Wedding sweets table

I was looking forward to make the desserts for this particular wedding. The reasons were 1. I loved the color scheme; 2. The venue was amazing, one of the best in Daytona Beach; and 3. The bride and the groom, along with their 3 kids, were the nicest people, and I really wanted to make…

2 min read

My baby’s first birthday

When I gave birth to Elena, I immediately started thinking about her first birthday. I thought how every‐ thing was going to be much easier. I pictured myself with 20 pounds less, enjoying life, finally sleeping the whole night, with my family around helping me with everything. Nothing turned out like I planned, let me tell…

3 min read

Perfect desert as a gift

I love this little cake I made a while ago. I made it for a friend of mine just as a sign of appreciation. I had some macarons leftovers, so I used them to cover the lover edges. You can use cookies, candies or whatever is sitting in your drawer waiting to be eaten :)….

1 min read

Last minute cake decoration

My girlfriend invited us for dinner and asked me if I could make a small cake, a plain one, without any decorations. I said yes. I made an 8 inch cake, covered it with buttercream and I was done. At least, that was what I thought. About half an hour before we needed to go my husband…

2 min read

The fastest and easiest desert

This is a dessert that looks amazing, tastes amazing, and you can easily make it, even if you have zero experience with baking. Everyone will love it and they will think how amazing and talented a baker you are (despite the truth that you never stepped your foot in the kitchen before), but whatever you…

3 min read

Hawaian party sweets table

This was my first big order, and I was so happy with the theme and everything. It took me 5 days to make the sweet table for this event. As I’m learning along the way, for this particular event I made the two-tier cake for the first time, and it didn’t fell apart. I was…

2 min read