Daytona Beach Cakery | Sweet Tables & Desserts

Why would you have to choose between desserts at your event or settle just with that one old fashioned cake if that is not really your style? The latest sweet tables trend gives a whole new range of opportunities to you and your guests. It can contain one big centerpiece cake surrounded by donuts, cupcakes, cake pops, pies and anything else you prefer besides the cake or just consist of these smaller desserts. You can make your dessert buffet to be thematic or just plain beautiful with tons of flowers and pretty colors.

Enjoy every dessert that you like at your special event and let everyone savour what they prefer. Skillfully avoid spending your time by the dessert table making sure everyone gets their piece, but instead let the guests serve themselves whenever they like.

These dessert buffets are a great choice for any wedding, birthday or office party, baby shower and anniversary, because they look amazing and they allow more freedom for your dessert- loving guests.


Sweet Tables For Business Events

You know that the way to your client’s heart is through a stomach filled with delicious desserts. Show what an amazing host you are by organizing a dessert buffet that is decorated with your logo, the color scheme of your company or a product. If you wish, we can also make a small gifts in a form of cupcakes and macarons that your guests can take home. Promotions, retirements, big successes or company birthdays – those are all good reasons to have a sweet impressive table setup for your employees and guests.


Daytona Beach Wedding Cakes

There are tens and hundreds of couples coming to Daytona Beach every year to say their marriage vows and celebrate with their loved ones. We can provide you with a dessert table to remember, with or without the big wedding cake. Feel free to share your ideas with us and we will make your dreams come true. All out of ideas for your wedding dessert buffet? We can suggest a theme to fit perfectly with your venue, decorations, your taste or your preferences. This is the one dessert in life that you have to pay the greatest attention to, all the others will probably be less important.


Birthday Party Desserts

Your sweet 16 party cake or any other birthday cake and sweet table can be the one everyone will talk about until the next year. The practicality of the dessert table is perfect for children parties, but grown ups can profit from this setup just as well. First of all, dessert tables can have a theme that matches your kid’s interests. Second of all, kids can grab their favorites like cookies and donuts and head back to the playground while grown ups will finally be able to focus on spending more time with friends and family than cutting cake and serving desserts. Free yourself from daunting party tasks and just enjoy that special day.


Order Your Daytona Beach Sweet Table

No matter if you are a Daytona Beach local or just coming here for the big event – you can order our desserts separately or get an entire package which contains various sweets plus one or more cakes. We have Bronze, Silver and Gold package, as well as Mini package.

The price depends on the number and variety of desserts that are delivered and it’s nicely described at our website shop.

You can choose the desserts according to your budget and preferences. We will deliver the best cakes you ever had on time, we will set up your sweet table to perfection and take care of every detail on the display.