Desserts For Corporate Events In Port Orange

Every now and then something happens in your company that should be celebrated with a cake. You got a new partner, new investment, new client, someone got promoted, someone has a birthday or a major success in their career and unfortunately, sometimes people are leaving and just want to say goodbye with a tasty dessert.

Cakes are common and during companies’ official celebrations like anniversaries and corporate events when they just want to present themselves in a positive manner to their clients, partners and employees.

We have provided desserts for numerous companies in Port Orange, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach and New Smyrna beach and each and every one of them had a different request or an idea and we always got inspired by their suggestions and energy.

The orders can vary from large and themed cakes to the smallest cupcakes and cake pops with logos or other company related decorations. It’s all up to you, your taste and your company’s image.


Cakes For Any Port Orange Business

A simple rectangular cake with your company’s logo, a multiple level cakes with pretty decorations or several small cakes that your employees can share – these are just some ideas for the cake for your company’s celebration

You can choose the taste, no matter if it’s chocolate mix or layers of fruit. The taste and the decorations on the cake can vary from top to bottom.

We can always suggest some of our tried and tested recipes. Keep in mind that we have kept these recipes in the family for generations and that they have been everyone’s favorite for years.


Dessert Tables For Business Celebrations

If all you are looking for is practicality and you can’t ask anyone to be in charge of the cake, why not order a simple dessert table?

You can have one big cake and two or three smaller ones with cupcakes and cake pops filling the rest of the table or it can be just small desserts. Employees can come and go, approach the table as they please and conveniently take one or more pieces.

These dessert tables are easy to set up and take down, so there will be a maximum of practicality with the minimum of effort.


Order Your Port Orange Dessert Table

Browse through our blog to see the dessert tables and cakes we have done before and see if there is anything you like. Then head to our Shop section to pick a package that suits you. In case you are not sure how much dessert to order for your company – give us a call, we have been doing catering for Port Orange companies for years and we would be happy to help.

Of course, don’t shy away from any special requirements like gluten-free or all organic cakes. We can make your every dessert related wish come true.

Ordering a cake or a dessert table for your company is not just a celebration tradition. It’s a way to show your employees that you want to share the joy of the moment with them, it’s a way to show them that you care about their input and that you have high standards when it comes to desserts served and dessert catering.