New Smyrna Beach Cakery | Sweet Tables & Desserts

New Smyrna Beach is an ideal place for a dreamy summer wedding. About 13 miles of a sandy ocean coastline makes for plenty of space for any party – be it a wedding reception, birthday or a business event. However, no big celebration should happen without a sweet table that guests love to marvel at and photograph.

In New Smyrna Beach sweet tables are a whole new concept at any party – guests serve themselves and the host is free to focus on other things like having a good time or enjoying the company of the loved ones. These sweets buffets also bring some liberty to any party since there is a variety and a choice and guests can just take the dessert they prefer instead of being forced to eat that one cake available.

These dessert buffets can be set up according to your taste and party decorations or have their own theme. Comic books, fairy tales, seasons and color schemes – anything can become the theme of the sweet table. In this case, cake is the big centerpiece surrounded by tens or hundreds of smaller desserts that can be easily grabbed and carried around. Instead of hiring someone to cut the cake and carry the plates, you can just let the guests take whatever they like.


Wedding Dessert Bar

Don’t just settle with a giant cake at your wedding. Try offering your guests a wide array of desserts that range from donuts and pies to cupcakes and macarons. However, that doesn’t mean that your most important cake in life should be omitted from the special day. Make sure it goes perfectly with the rest of the dessert table, that the design and the taste is just what suits you. We have plenty of ideas to make your dessert table mind-blowing and we can create something you and your guests will remember for a long time.


Birthday Party Sweet Buffet

Your birthday party buffet can be the most interesting part of your or your kid’s celebration. It’s creates a perfect opportunity to make a specific theme and offers a variety of desserts to children who just want to grab their sweets and go. The grown ups who can make the most out of the sweet table’s practicality as well and not worry about serving every guest. Desserts table can be sweet 16 themed, cartoon themed or just arranged based on a certain color scheme that the host likes. It is a great solution for the soon-to-be-moms who will have a beautifully arranged dessert table and won’t have to worry about whether their guests had their sweet tooth satisfied.


Dessert Table Catering For Companies

Your office party can have a superb sweets table that impresses every guest and that displays the logo, colors or theme of your company. They are easy to set up and perfect for any business celebration. You can even order sweet buffets for your fundraiser or any other type of formal gathering. Rely on us to make everything according to your requirements while you focus on your work and entertaining your guests.


Order New Smyrna Beach Cakes and Sweet Tables

You can order different dessert types individually through our website shop or just go for the sweet table packages tailor made for big events. We created several bundles that you can choose according to your party size and the number of people that will be attending.

You will get your state-of-the-art dessert delivered on time, your sweet table set up perfectly to the very last detail and according to your preferences.

Tell us what would you like and we will make sure to make your wishes come true.