Ormond Beach Cakery | Sweet Tables & Desserts

Everyone wants another piece of cake, but some are just too shy to ask for it. Sweet tables can help you avoid unpleasant situations and just let your guests enjoy their favorite desserts as much as they want. They are ideal for your guests to help themselves and for you to enjoy your party without worrying about serving desserts.

Sweet tables are the latest party trend that cannot help but impress anyone who sees it. Beautifully decorated, imaginative, attention grabbing and most importantly incredibly delicious, they are a perfect choice for any celebration – birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby shower or office gathering.


Sweet Tables For Wedding Receptions

Sweet tables have given the never before seen liberty to the concept of wedding dessert, not only when it comes to self service but the type of desserts served as well. Instead of a monumental wedding cake, you are now allowed to include variety of other desserts like pies, cupcakes, cakepops and donuts. They can all be arranged to match one another and can be made according to your and your guests’ tastes. Conveniently set up these dessert tables will allow your guests to take whatever they like whenever they like it – you will have no obligations when it comes to serving dessert.


Birthday Party Dessert Table

You can order your custom made cakes carefully created according to the traditional tried and tested recipes for any kind of celebration – your sweet 16 birthday, your kid’s birthday party or a grown up’s celebration. Any cake can be accompanied by the various desserts of your choice, small enough for kids to eat them quickly and continue with their playtime. We can arrange your birthday party dessert table to have a certain theme – a Batman or Cinderella desserts for your kid or summer themed dessert table for a grown up. You can announce the birth of a boy or a girl with a themed sweet table for your baby shower.


Office Celebration Cakes and Sweet Buffets

Cake is something and maybe the only thing that everyone in the office always agrees on and the kind of delicacy that brings everyone together. Don’t let your office celebration pass without a cake or a sweet table for your guests, especially if they are very important clients. If anyone you wish to impress is coming to your office party – you can definitely achieve the desired effect with a sweet table. It is also the perfect way to ensure everyone will get their share which is sometimes hard to manage and anticipate with a single cake.


Best Cakery Creation In Ormond Beach

If you are looking for a cakery creation in Ormond Beach – look no further. We can make any type of cake and dessert that you like.

You can use the shop on our website to order individual desserts or an entire packages that include various types of sweets and cakes. Take a look at our Mini, Bronze, Silver and Gold package to determine which one is perfect for your party size.

Count on us to make the sweet table of your dreams, to decorate it to the last detail and set it all up at your event. If you have any wishes and requirements we will do our best to make your dessert buffet according to your desires. If you are too nervous about your special day to think of an idea or simply can’t decide – we have plenty of suggestions to offer.

No matter what type of celebration, ensure that you will get a sweets table that will be the talk of the town until your next big event.