Port Orange Cakery | Sweet Tables & Desserts

Whether you are organizing a beautiful wedding, birthday or engagement party, maybe even a baby shower you need a sweets table for your guests. Dessert buffets, as they are also called, are perfect choice for any party because they offer plenty of possibilities, they are your party’s creative corner and can also have a theme. Having a large variety of sweets and desserts at your celebration can also be quite practical, since it frees you from the obligation of cutting and distributing one large cake or hiring someone to do it for you.

Sweet tables are perfect for those that don’t want to have only one big cake at their event and those that only like certain kinds of desserts like donuts or cookies. Sure, the cake is the queen of any celebration, but sweet tables will allow you and your guests to choose and enjoy the dessert they like the most.


Best Wedding Cakes in Port Orange

It happens, but it’s still hard to imagine a wedding without that perfect glamorous centerpiece cake. It is the culmination of your special day, it is the most beautiful cake you will have in your life and the one you will remember forever. We specialize in beautiful, romantic and unique cake flavors and decorations, but we are also always ready to fulfill your every wish and make the cake of your dreams. Nowadays, you don’t have to serve just that one big cake, but you can arrange an entire table so your guest can help themselves with whatever they like. Your cake and your sweet table can match your wedding theme or have a theme of it’s own – it’s all up to you. That one dessert that serves as a beginning of your sweet married life should be one-of-a-kind and delicious.


Birthday Cakes and Dessert Buffets

Decorate your birthday cake or sweet table however you like or with things your children like – Disney princesses, superheroes, animals or sports. You can put their favorite toys, colors and anything else that makes them happy. It’s especially useful for children’s parties because the small desserts are easy to grab and allow children to return to their playtime right away. Besides, sometimes children prefer a nice glazed donut to a luscious cake. Grown ups, on the other hand, can use the practicality of the dessert table to spend more time with their guests and allow them to satisfy their sweet tooth whenever they like.


Desserts for Corporate Events

We don’t shy away from the corporate events, either. Let us help you impress your clients and business partners and win them over with some delicious and themed sweet tables. If you want your dessert table to match your logo or your product colors – we can make your wishes come to life. We will even prepare party favors like cupcakes and macarons for your guests to take home. All sweet tables can be adjusted according to your budget and your taste.


Order A Sweet Table for Your Next Event

You can call us anytime to order or discuss your next sweet table setup. If you have some ideas how you would like the dessert buffet to look, we will do our best to meet your needs and if you are all out of ideas – we can suggest some of our own.

You can find all the prices of different dessert types in our website shop or you can choose one of our packages – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Mini. Every package contains a certain number of desserts and cakes, it all depends on the size of your event and number of your guests.

Nicely decorated sweet table will make your party one of the most memorable ones.