Dahlia, English Rose, Veronica and Hydrangea

Dahlia, English Rose, Veronica and Hydrangea


SKU: Dahlia, English Rose, Veronica Hydrangea


This intensive 2-day masterclass will teach you how to make four different types of gum paste flowers.
Don’t worry if you’re a beginner: students of all levels of experience are welcome!

On the first day, we will make and shape all the petals for a dahlia flower, attach them to wires, and leave
them to dry overnight. We will also make hydrangeas and leave them to dry overnight, then finish all the
flowers on the second day.

I will also give you my recipe for the best modeling gum paste!
In this class, you will learn:

  1. how to make realistic dahlia petals without cutters (I’ll show you what tools to use),
  2. how to paint and shade your gum paste and combine colors for a realistic look,
  3. how to assemble a dahlia flower,
  4. how to make hydrangeas,
  5. how to shade hydrangea petals for a more natural look,
  6. how to construct the base of an English rose,
  7. how to shape and glue English rose petals,
  8. how to make and paint veronica flowers, and
  9. how to assemble all the flowers on a cake dummy.

I will provide all the materials needed. A light lunch, snacks, and water will also be included. Your finished
cake with all the flowers on it will be neatly packed for safe travel home!

  • Price: $499
  • A minimum deposit of $150 is required to save your spot in the class. Full payment must be made before
    the class begins.
  • Hours: 10 am–5 pm, both days