Rose, Leaves, Buds

This intensive 6 hour class will teach you how to perfectly make a realistic rose and more. You will learn:

  1. how to make rose petals without cutters
  2. how to use veiners
  3. how to assemble the petals
  4. how to shade the rose with paint dust
  5. how to make 2 tipes of roses from your choice
  6. how to make realistic rose leaves
  7. how to paint and shade the leaves
  8. how to make buds and small flowers
  9. how to assemble the leaves, buds, small flowers and the rose
  10. you will recive my recipe for the best modeling gum paste

I will provide all the needed material. After the class finishes I will mail you the file with all the steps that we worked on.
Light lunch, snacks and water are also included.

I like to work in a comfortable and fun environment so I would love you to come a little bit earlier just so we could meet each other a little bit:).
You will leave my classroom with pride and joy on your face because you will bring with you two realistic roses that you’ve made by yourself, with my instructions of course:).

  • Price: 300$.
  • I would require a 120$ deposit to save your place then you can complete your final payment before the class starts.
  • Duration: 10AM-5PM
  • Only 4 spots available