Port Orange Special Occasion Cakes And Sweet Tables

There is hardly any celebration in our life that can happen without a cake or some sort of dessert being involved. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, promotions, new successes and achievements. The cake is synonymous with good times, happy moments and special days in our lives. We wanted to be in the business that is related to such positive moments, so we focused on making cakes and dessert tables for such occasions.

Every cake and every sweet table is a blank canvas ready to be filled with ideas, wishes, decorations and flavors. We always like to hear from you and see if you have any ideas that you would like to bring to life, but we also love to suggest a few of our own. You can pick a theme, a color and the overall mood of your sweet table. It is the same when it comes to taste – pick your chocolate heaven from top to bottom or enjoy the layers of your favorite fruit. If you can’t decide on the flavor, we would be happy to suggest one of our family cake recipes that have been gracing our celebrations for generations.

We deliver our cakes and sweet tables in Port Orange, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach and Ormond Beach.


Birthday Cakes

No matter if it’s your loved one’s birthday or you just want a cake for your Quinceanera, Sweet 16, 21st or any other birthday – you can count on us to make the cake of your dreams. If you want to expand your desserts to an entire table – we can offer other smaller cakes, tarts, cake pops, macaroons and cupcakes. These sweet tables can be especially useful if it’s a small child’s birthday celebration because they can just grab a piece of dessert and get back in the game.


Wedding Cakes And Sweet Tables

Weddings are our favorite occasion and we pay special attention to make the dessert table of your dreams. Not only will it be the most beautiful part of your wedding decorations and venue, but it is extremely practical because it leaves you free from serving any dessert and your guests can help themselves whenever they like. Remember, this is one of the most important occasions in your life and the cake you choose is the one you will remember forever.


Anniversary Cakes

No matter if it’s your personal anniversary or a company celebration, we can provide you with themed and beautifully decorated desserts. We can create a special theme that complies with your or your company’s image or you can just let us show you our creativity and let us think of something completely out of the box and original.


Best Cakes In Port Orange

We will do our best to make your dessert dreams come to life and help you organize the be the most memorable celebration of the year. Don’t be shy to ask for special requirements like gluten-free cakes and desserts as well as cakes made of all organic ingredients.

Cake can be a perfect gift, too, and you can bring it as a sign of appreciation to someone who is dear to you or just as a sign of gratitude.

Take a look at our portfolio on the Blog page and then check out our Shop section to choose the package that suits you. If you have trouble making an assessment of how much dessert you will need – contact us and we will be happy to help.

Order one of our cakes or sweet tables and see why our clients trust us, why they give us the absolute creative freedom and why we are one of the Port Orange’s favorite cake shops.